FBI Manufactured Terror: Order of 9 Angles and the Temple ov Blood

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“This Tempel is in many ways a social programming experiment. While we do create fanatics, we must make the ‘fake’ adherents entries look as if it is obviously their will and good for them to serve the ToB. It has to be subtle. In the later stages it becomes more overt and at that point is too late for them to change. They become so alienated from humanity that, well, haha, if they tried to go back they will still cause so much disruption.” — Joshua Caleb Sutter, Tempel ov Blood (Founder), FBI Asset [1]

Is a ‘Neo-Nazi Satanic network’ preying on your children? You bet. And they’re bankrolled by the FBI.

Joshua Sutter along with his wife Jillian Hoy founded the Tempel ov Blood (ToB), and a publishing company called Martinet Press. Through them they spread ultra-violent propaganda for the British made Order of 9 Angles (O9A), and also writings of their own and from other individuals. [1]

As per court documents: “The government has informed defense counsel that the CI in this case has worked as an informant for the FBI for approximately the past sixteen years. Since 2003, he has been paid over $140,000 for this work. More importantly, the CI has been paid $78,133.20 plus an expense advance of $4,378.60, since February 7, 2018,”. [5]

In other words, the FBI used taxpayer dollars to bankroll Neo Nazi Satanic propaganda promoting pedophilia and terrorism against everyday citizens. And the works have been found in the possession of inspired pedophile pornographers, and murderers.

Some of the propaganda bankrolled by the FBI.

The FBI operatives wrote post-apocalyptic themed books like Iron Gates and its sequel Bluebird, which glorify rape, psychological torture, brainwashing, mass murder and cannibalism of children. While books like Liber 333 focused on Tempel ov Blood’s ritual practice and ideology.

Like their master organization O9A, the ToB also instructed its members to infiltrate groups and public institutions to manipulate them towards extremism. [1] Although their homepage expressed that under more convoluted terms. [6]

During the 2021 trial of Kaleb Cole, Joshua Sutter testified that his FBI handler Special Agent Bill Moser of the Columbia South Carolina field office, instructed him to become part of Cole’s Atomwaffen Division. [1][5] The Atomwaffen Division (AWD) is a cell (Nexion) under the O9A, like Sutter’s own Tempel ov Blood. The AWD has been involved in at least 5 murders. [18]

But why would the FBI create groups to manufacture terrorists? 1) To justify their counter-terrorism budget as actual terrorism is very rare, and it’s hard for those departments to continue to exist and get money without it. [19][20] 2) To prevent any real political organization by US citizens. As in a tin-pot dictatorship, they create or infiltrate left/right groups to radicalize them further, and then manipulate members into committing crimes. This is one purpose of the FBI’s own Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO).[21][22] 3) To carry out the “strategy of tension” by putting fear into the public to the point that they trade their freedoms for more security.[44]

From Christian Neo Nazi, to Hindu Commie and Satanic Neo Nazi. A spook’s life.

FBI assets Joshua Caleb Sutter, and his wife Jillian Hoy, in some of their various roles.

Ironically Joshua Caleb Sutter became an FBI informant, after he bought a gun with scratched-off serial numbers from FBI informants. The set-up in Pennsylvania landed him a 2 year prison sentence. And it was after this time in 2004 that he became a state asset.[2]

Sutter returned to his Christian Identity organization the Church of the Sons of Yahweh (CSY), and took a leadership role. Now acting as an informant he entrapped two of the CSY members, Morris Lynn Gullet and Charles Scott Thornton. Sutter secretly recorded them after getting them to talk about robbing banks while drunk. [2]

He also goaded the mentally unstable Aryan Nations leader August Kreis III, into calling for an alliance between the Aryan Nation and al-Qaeda on national media. [2] [3][7]

Sutter and his wife Jillian Hoy were later tasked with infiltrating a pro-North Korean activist group that worked with the DPRK government. They went as far as to poison one of the activist leaders in a failed attempt to gain control of their group by killing him. During this time Sutter and his wife were playing the roles of Communist Hindus attempting to get close to the Workers Party of Korea. The pro-DPRK group itself also seems an entrapment honeypot (and anti-1st amendment), but that’s an entirely different rabbit hole that you can follow on the link cited. [4]

In 2015–2016, a William White accused Sutter of impersonating him online and making the bomb threats that got him in prison. He added that the FBI purchased Sutter’s compound in Lexington South Carolina in 2003, to carry out unconstitutional counter-intelligence ops against right wingers, and North Korean activists. [7]

Sutter was also involved with the Aryan Nations Motorcycle Riders Division, which was controlled by other FBI assets. The group idolized Hitler, al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. [7]

In 2018, Sutter allegedly met with Azov Battalion associates at a National Socialist Black Metal event in Ukraine.[2]

The Spooks of 9 Angles

According to UK legend, in the 1960s the Dark Pagan covens — the Noctulians (a term also used by ToB), Camlad, and the Temple of the Sun, united to form the Order of 9 Angles. [8]

The two main leaders were former mercenary and bodyguard David Myatt (aka Anton Long), and musician Richard Moult.[8]

Combat 18 and David Myatt

In the 1990’s David Myatt was involved with UK neo-Nazi groups Combat 18, the National Socialist Alliance, and National Socialist Movement — the group the London nail bomber, David Copeland belonged to. [8]

Combat 18 (C18) on it’s end was the 1990’s UK version of the Proud Boys but on extra-steroids. Originally they were a sort of unofficial “muscle support” for the British National Party’s (BNP) John Tyndall and his supporters during local elections. They would help fight off antifa types. But the C18 shifted to beating up BNP members and its supporters, while criticizing their political system approach and avoidance of “direct action” tactics. [9]

The BNP’s Tyndall later accused C18 in their newspaper Spearhead, that they were being controlled by MI5, with the help of the FBI, to disrupt the right wing movement. C18 was formed by Charlie Sargent and Harold Covington, an American. [9]

Later when Charlie Sargent and Wilf Browning killed leader Christopher Castle (police informant) during a power struggle, both allegedly told police that they had “friends in high places”, and requested to speak to the British counter-terrorism agency the Special Branch. [9][10] There’s been various other accusations of Sargent working for the Special Branch as well. [11]

Harold Covington, the American co-founder of C18 has been suspected of being FBI. But repeated FOIA requests on FBI files on Covington have been dragging. [9][12][13]

Back to David Myatt…

David Myatt took the role of ‘Abdul-Aziz Ibn Myatt’ for a few years

During and after his time in C18, Myatt was involved with the O9A, under the pseudonym Anton Long. In 1998 he converted into a ‘Jihadist’ (still involved with O9A), and took the name Abdul-Aziz Ibn Myatt. He says he attempted to unite Jihadists with neo-Nazis. [8][15]

There have been various allegations of Myatt’s MI5 asset role. [16]

Myatt was also involved in Column 88, a Fascist organization suspected of being an Operation Gladio cutout.[16][17]

Myatt claims to have renounced O9A, and Islam, and developed his ‘philosophy’ The Numinous Way. However he is still in contact with Richard Moult. [14]

Richard Moult

Richard Moult, musician, and ‘former’ O9A leader

A musician, and member of the band United Bible Studies. While the O9A propaganda was not spread through United Bible Studies itself, he did it through his own projects and collaboration with other musical acts such as Morthwork, Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus, Death in June), David Tibet (Current 93), among others. [14]

He ‘left’ the O9A in 2001, but admitted in his memoir Myndsquilver that he was still working with them. In 2009 he wrote The Dreccian Way for the O9A under the alias ‘Audun’, in an attempt to revitalize the group. [14]

He is married with children, and claims to have become a Catholic. But remains in contact with David Wyatt. [14]

O9A Nexions, and criminal activity.

Nexions are cells under the O9A network. As a Nexion they are instructed to read O9A literature and push its political agendas. They tend to communicate, recruit, and plan via private chats on social media apps like Telegram (‘Terrorgram’) and Discord. Some also train with firearms together in what they call “hatecamps”.

Furthermore, the O9A encourages members to take on “insight roles”. That is to infiltrate a group or institution, and subvert it from within. This is needed to reach the ‘adept’ rank of The Seven Fold Way. As a result members sometimes infiltrate other neo-Nazi groups to radicalize them into O9A ideology. [32]

(Lists may be missing a few individuals arrested. Some were purposely left out as I felt their cases were not that significant to this. Other groups such as the Feuerkrieg Division were also left out, as they have very few cross-members, and others had no noted violent crime arrests or very weak O9A ideology.)

Atomwaffen Division (AWD)

James Mason, also a convicted pedo poses in front of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion flag, and with much younger Atomwaffen members.

The group originally started as a ‘Siege’ group, which is a neo-Nazi group that promotes violent action. James Mason a highly influential US neo-Nazi who wrote Siege, was directly involved with them. And like James Mason, they also idolized Charles Manson, who himself was in contact with James. [23]

A good portion of their recruiting is from the US military. [33]

Devon Arthurs, age 18, a neo-Nazi who also converted to Islam murdered his 2 roommates.

Nicholas Giampa, age 17, killed his ex-girlfriend’s parents.

Samuel Woodward, age 20, killed a former gay Jewish classmate.[18]

Brandon Clint Russell, age 22, and the founder of AWD, was arrested first for illegally storing explosives and an unregistered explosive device. The second arrest came after he allegedly conspired with a woman to attack Baltimore MD’s power grid. [24]

Vasillios Pistolis, age 21, was court-martialed while in the US Marine Corps after beating up left-wing counter-protesters during the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally. [25]

Jeffrey Clark, age 30, pleaded guilty to gun charges after his own family tipped law enforcement that he was planning a massacre on a synagogue. Him and his brother Ed Clark were connected to Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter. [26]

Benjamin Bogard, age 20, was arrested on child porn charges. He also bragged about wanting to be a “future mass shooter” on social media. [27]

Conor Climo, age 23, was arrested on suspicion of owning bomb parts. He had sketched out plans to shoot up a gay bar. He was also a member of the Feuerkrieg Division ‘Nexion’. [28]

Jarett Smith, age 24, pleaded guilty to distributing information on building explosives to AWD members. He allegedly planned to bomb a news organization. He was also in contact with Craig Lang, a neo-Nazi who fled to Ukraine after an armed robbery that lead to the murder of 2 individuals. [29]

John Cameron Denton, age 26 (then leader of AWD, and NSBM aficionado); Johnny Garza, age 20; Cameron Shea, age 24; Taylor Parker-Dipeppe, age 20; and Kaleb Cole, age 24 were arrested for an intimidation campaign targeting journalists. [30] Denton also possessed child porn, and had turned the AWD into a O9A Nexion. [23]


Angel Almeida’s social media posts exposed his interest for animal cruelty, and child abuse.

A Nexion that is associated with creating and distributing Hurtcore,[43] and child sexual abuse material, after the arrest of Angel Almeida. 764 recruits young people of color, and LGBTQ into O9A ideology. They use Roblox, Discord, Twitch, Telegram, and Soundcloud to network. [32][41]

According to The Guardian Article [41]

“Members “use threats, blackmail and manipulation” to get youth to record videos showing acts of self-harm, animal cruelty, sexual acts and even suicide, the authorities warn. The footage is then circulated among members to extort victims further and exert control over them. In the group’s channels, members share violent “gore” videos depicting torture, lethal violence and other such acts, in an effort to desensitize viewers to acts of ultra violence.”

Not much is known of other specific members of this Nexion as of yet.

Angel Almeida, age 22, was charged with exploiting minors and child porn. He coerced two minors into creating child porn, which he sold. He posted images of animal cruelty (IE a cat stabbed to death) on social media, and one of his account names was ‘Necropedocell’. He also tried to attack a justice department staffer multiple times during his trial. [41][42]

National Action (NA)

UK group with ties to O9A. They were banned by the UK government in 2016.

Ryan Flemming, age 32, was jailed in 2011 for kidnapping, and sexually abusing a child. In 2017 he was again jailed for raping a 14 year old girl. He was a leading figure in the NA, and the main link to O9A in Yorkshire UK. [8]

Unnamed Durham UK teen, age 14, was convicted of planning a terrorist attack to become “living dead”. His school tipped off the de-radicalization org Prevent, after he expressed support for the NA on Twitter. However the teenager further immersed himself into NA/O9A while Prevent was actively “moderating his behaviour”. He was also convicted for abusing another child as part of his ‘preparation’ for his attack. [34]

Harry Vaughan, age 18, was at first charged with child abuse material, but was spared jail. At age 21, he later pleaded guilty for making and possessing child abuse material. He was also guilty of disseminating terrorist publications. [35]

Christopher Lythgoe, age 32, and Matthew Hankinson, age 24, were both jailed after plotting to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper. A “whistle blower” (aka informant) by the name of Robbie Mullen, leaked the details of their plan. [37]


Danyal Hussein and his pact to ‘King Lucifuge Rofocale’

Some of these either don’t belong to a Nexion, or their membership is unknown to me. They however were found to have O9A and ToB materials, and participated in O9A chats/forums.

Danyal Hussein, age 18, stabbed 2 women to death in the UK. Not only did he have O9A and ToB literature but was conducting a blood pact with the demon ‘King Lucifuge Rofocale’ — after buying lessons from O9A affiliated online influencer EA Koetting. Hussein’s own personally written pact involved him killing women to win the lottery.[38] The case is also unusual in that the 2 police in charge of finding the bodies knew who the victims specifically were, and even took a selfie with the dead bodies. This lead to them being jailed. [39]

Garron Helm (UK), age 21, was accused of being part of NA after it had been banned (proscribed) by the UK government. He was eventually found not-guilty, but during the trial it emerged that he was also part of the de-radicalization org Prevent. He admitted that he was taking an “insight” role (infiltrate to subvert) as the O9A encourages its members to do.[8] Note that the “unnamed Durham UK teen” also mentioned in this article, became more involved with O9A/NA ideology while being monitored by Prevent.[34]

Ethan Melzer, age 20, was convicted to 45 years in prison after planning to ambush his fellow soldiers. He planned the attack on a O9A Telegram encrypted chat. Unbeknownst to him however, the other “soldiers” he was planning this with were teenagers with the exception of “Red Hourglass”, a female FBI informant inside the chat. She is said to have been the ‘girlfriend’ of the 15 year old O9A chat moderator ‘GvlagKvlt’; but her age is unknown although she seems to have been an adult. The other teenagers were using fake identities and locations, pointing to them likely being organized by the FBI as well. The chat was also said to post violent snuff videos, likely to further psychologically numb its members to violence. [1][40]

Ethan Melzer smearing his own blood on an FBI propaganda book.


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